Commenting policy

In the words of Bill and Ted: “Be excellent to each other”

There's something wrong on the internetI aim to make my blog  a safe space, and as such derive commenting policy inspiration from Shakesville. I suggest reading it in full.

I will not allow any sexist, racist, homophobic, gender essentialist, sizest, ableist, transphobic, ageist, etc. comments here. At all. There will be no trolling, concern trolling, silencing tactics, and so on. This goes for both posts on serious and not-so-serious topics.

In other words: I expect you to be decent human beings to each other.

This is nonnegotiable, and comments which fail to meet this basic standard of decency will be a) edited, b) erased; and if continued on with c) banning will occur. As it is my blog, I get to decide what goes.*

If you have a problem with this, tough. I’m not here to coddle your delicate flower of an ego. I don’t care whether or not a random stranger over the internet approves of me. If you send me a message spouting outrage over me expecting you to be a decent being, and how it hurts your poor widdle feelings or trying to explain why I am oh-so-wrong, this message will go straight to the trash can.

Please pay heed to Moff’s Law when it comes to reviews and posts looking at tv/media/movies/etc. Also avoid breaching Godwin’s Law.

Readers who feel another commentator has not been “excellent”—and I have missed out on it—I apologize. Please let me know so I can take action needed to be taken.

*For further reference as to why, please read Anil Dash’s post: “If your website’s full of assholes, it’s your fault.”


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