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Permanent stupidity.

The most important thing to do on a holiday is to maim oneself for life. So that’s what I did. “Eppur si muove” — “And yet it moves” Words puportedly said by the great Galileo after being forced to recant … Continue reading

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I smell an Oscar…

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Our Moustaches brings all the boys to the yard: Pondering the meaning of life in a way only those who have moustaches can:

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Oh Christmas tree

I just mass produced 30 something of these. Don’t I look bee-yooooo-tee-ful? It’s for the local Santa Claus Parade which is this Saturday. The Sparks/Brownies will be wearing these (After slopping on the glitter paint tonight) alongside green garbage bags … Continue reading

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Snow. Insert sad face here.

The Fort got its first “big” snowfall of the season. Which means I had to suggest to our intrepid sports reporter, Lucas “Mayor of Awkwardville” Punkari, that he run outside and make a snow angel. And he did. Photo credit … Continue reading

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Bargain books

Obviously, this book being held up by Lucas is the greatest Sally-Ann find ever in the history of Canadian political geekdom. To the cad who threw this book aside: For shame!

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Small Town Survival Guide: “Expectations”

Expectations are different in small towns. In small town northwestern Ontario? Flannel is completely appropriate for all occasions. Weddings included. Funerals too – but the good flannel. Expectations, people. These different expectations carry over into the intersection of community newspapers … Continue reading

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The best DIY project ever

Cubicle extension made from cases of chocolate mint Girl Guide cookies.

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Friends 4 Eva!

For the record, I do a way better job at fake-tattooing than Leanne does.

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Journalists, ghostbusters … all in a day’s work

Gossip around town has been saying that one of the photos we ran in the newspaper shows a little ghost-child peering out of the upstairs window of the almost-hundred-year-old local school that was demolished a couple of weeks ago. Sorry … Continue reading

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