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Creepy, disgusting and stupid things my cat does and yet he’s the one who looks at me like I’m an undignified wretch.

Coughs up hairballs Binge eats too quickly and throws up his food Eats his own puke, fresh or dried up. Licks my feet Licks my shoes Licks his butt to clean it Licks his butt to clean it and yet … Continue reading

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Thoughts on hypothetical unicorn pet ownership

Pros: ♥ Pony rides. All the time. ♥ I bet they grant wishes. ♥ Kids aged 0-12 would think I’m awesome. ♥ Those over 12 would also think I’m awesome. Oh, they wouldn’t admit it, but I’d know. ♥ The … Continue reading

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Just sayin’…

Wherein my brother and I communicate through facebook.

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