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Stuff that should be worn.

Hey dear people, it’s time for some real talk about fashion. The following items are ones I wish were considered normal every day wear for adults. And I mean all adults — male, female, whatever — Because I feel really … Continue reading

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Walls are super-ninjas

Look walls. And door frames. And cupboards. And generally anything that has sharp pointy jabby corners. Or … things that exist. CUT IT OUT. Look, I get that your time spent as an inanimate object is possibly dull and you’re … Continue reading

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The magical dream story of the shit witch

Once upon a time I had a dream. I’m not talking about a metaphorical dream, a la Martin Luther King’s speech. I mean an actual dream where I was asleep and dreaming of things that weirdos like myself dream of. … Continue reading

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I like my cat more than you. I’m not sorry about that.

I know there was that whole previous post about how my cat Jellybean is ridiculously disgusting and grosses me out. And yet? Despite his shortcomings I still like him more than most people. I probably like him more than you. … Continue reading

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Creepy, disgusting and stupid things my cat does and yet he’s the one who looks at me like I’m an undignified wretch.

Coughs up hairballs Binge eats too quickly and throws up his food Eats his own puke, fresh or dried up. Licks my feet Licks my shoes Licks his butt to clean it Licks his butt to clean it and yet … Continue reading

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A failed horror movie marathon

Apparently my life is a lie. I’ve avoided most horror movies under the impression that I can’t handle them. (See my post on childhood traumatization). This was also reconfirmed when I couldn’t last five minutes into the Dawn of the … Continue reading

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Young Woman Yells at Cloud

Dear Canadian Netflix, In true Canadian-style, I am writing you a polite passive-aggressive public letter to express my disappointment in the services you provide. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend when it comes to the movies you have made available to … Continue reading

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