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The magical dream story of the shit witch

Once upon a time I had a dream. I’m not talking about a metaphorical dream, a la Martin Luther King’s speech. I mean an actual dream where I was asleep and dreaming of things that weirdos like myself dream of. … Continue reading

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Steampunk Wonder Woman FTW

Oh why hello there, dear people who waste their times reading my blog. I’ve been rather busy over the past few months (hence my non-posting, also … I am lazy. Like a boss). But one project I’ve completed in that … Continue reading

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Wherein I actually do an update of updateyness

Oh. Why hello there, dear fanbase and extremely attractive loyal readers. All … two of you. And mom. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. See, I got busy. Pretty busy. Back in January I packed all that I could … Continue reading

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Our Moustaches brings all the boys to the yard: Pondering the meaning of life in a way only those who have moustaches can:

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Lesson learned: Familiars are overrated.

One of the best things about being a grown up is getting to do all the things that, as a child, you thought would be totally awesome to do as an adult. Pizza and popcorn for breakfast? Check. Buying underwear … Continue reading

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Never again

Due to a horrific migraine I passed out last night at around 9 p.m. I did so while facing the wrong way in bed. It confused my cat. He attempted to jump on my head, only to find my feet. … Continue reading

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Journalists, ghostbusters … all in a day’s work

Gossip around town has been saying that one of the photos we ran in the newspaper shows a little ghost-child peering out of the upstairs window of the almost-hundred-year-old local school that was demolished a couple of weeks ago. Sorry … Continue reading

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Roller Derby weekend

Only silly people pass up the opportunity to see grown women smashing into each other  and causing bodily harm while zooming around on roller skates. Which is why we headed out to the local Roller Derby bout this past weekend. … Continue reading

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There will be no blueberry picking

There will be no blueberry picking this year. Yes, I know, it was on the list. Yes, I know blueberries are one of the few delicious things that grow in this barren land of the Canadian Shield. But it was … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

Check off another item on my adventure list— I went sailing yesterday! Zoey and I headed across the border early for breakfast at the Chocolate Moose (See what they did with the name there? It’s a pun! How could you … Continue reading

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