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Public washroom use as a woman

A somewhat definitive list of things I worry about, as a woman, while using a public washroom. Am I going to pee myself before I get to the front of the line? Just breathe. Just keep breathing. Wait, when was … Continue reading

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Walls are super-ninjas

Look walls. And door frames. And cupboards. And generally anything that has sharp pointy jabby corners. Or … things that exist. CUT IT OUT. Look, I get that your time spent as an inanimate object is possibly dull and you’re … Continue reading

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Young Woman Yells at Cloud

Dear Canadian Netflix, In true Canadian-style, I am writing you a polite passive-aggressive public letter to express my disappointment in the services you provide. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend when it comes to the movies you have made available to … Continue reading

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Childhood Traumatization, Part I.

My parents didn’t let me watch horror movies as a child. I don’t blame them. I once freaked out watching Sesame Street. There was a Monsterpiece Theatre segment on The Sound of Music, with Grover sitting on a mountain top. … Continue reading

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I love plain pasta and plain peas.

I blame my parents for not being able to enjoy a ridiculous amount of the delicious food that exists in this world. See, once upon a time my father was diagnosed with high blood pressure and all that stuff. Which … Continue reading

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