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Pie Chart

I have a wacom tablet now. That means I can draw stuff. And things. And all sorts of … stuff. Here, I made this for you:   Advertisements

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Wherein I actually do an update of updateyness

Oh. Why hello there, dear fanbase and extremely attractive loyal readers. All … two of you. And mom. Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. See, I got busy. Pretty busy. Back in January I packed all that I could … Continue reading

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Update of awesomeness

My “Small Town Survival Guide” is being picked up  to run over at the Girl Guides of Canada blog. Insert appropriate happy animated gif here. That is all.

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Welcome to my parlour…

I suppose I should open this blog up with something enlightening or inspiring for a first post. A mission statement or quotation from a famous-person. Or something. Yeah, I’ve got nothing. Since first diving into the world wide web 10 … Continue reading

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