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Permanent stupidity.

The most important thing to do on a holiday is to maim oneself for life. So that’s what I did. “Eppur si muove” — “And yet it moves” Words puportedly said by the great Galileo after being forced to recant … Continue reading

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Steampunk Wonder Woman FTW

Oh why hello there, dear people who waste their times reading my blog. I’ve been rather busy over the past few months (hence my non-posting, also … I am lazy. Like a boss). But one project I’ve completed in that … Continue reading

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“There needs to be a Highlander Christmas Special.”

(File this under: WHY DOES THIS NOT EXIST ALREADY?!?!?!) The world is a hollow empty place because there has never been a Highlander* Christmas Special. I realized this today due to a combination of Christmas eating my brain and a … Continue reading

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Our Moustaches brings all the boys to the yard: Pondering the meaning of life in a way only those who have moustaches can:

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Important facts about my relationship with tea

My absolute favourite kind of tea is Twinings English Breakfast. Irish breakfast, Earl Grey and Lady Grey are also acceptable. Chai if you want to get fancy. Herbal if you want to eventually sleep. Orange Pekoe as a last resort. … Continue reading

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The Hero of Canton

It’s pretty obvious that Tanya and I are the coolest kids in our office since we’re the only ones wearing Hallowe’en costumes. Everyone else? You disappoint me greatly. Unfortunately there are downsides to going with a geeky costume like Jayne … Continue reading

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Bargain books

Obviously, this book being held up by Lucas is the greatest Sally-Ann find ever in the history of Canadian political geekdom. To the cad who threw this book aside: For shame!

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Journalists, ghostbusters … all in a day’s work

Gossip around town has been saying that one of the photos we ran in the newspaper shows a little ghost-child peering out of the upstairs window of the almost-hundred-year-old local school that was demolished a couple of weeks ago. Sorry … Continue reading

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Romance for the ages

Why yes, Wilfrid and I are an item.

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I want you to want me

(Warning for those with tender ears: there is swearage in this post) Fact: I’m pretty much the biggest chicken shit when it comes to twitter. Don’t let my false bravado fool you. I’m a professional writer. My ego is a … Continue reading

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