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Public washroom use as a woman

A somewhat definitive list of things I worry about, as a woman, while using a public washroom. Am I going to pee myself before I get to the front of the line? Just breathe. Just keep breathing. Wait, when was … Continue reading

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Inspirational Astronomy Fails

I have a feeling that the people who put together these supposedly inspirational word-picture-things-for-all-to-bask-in-on-the-internet don’t know anything about astronomy. Or physics. Or science. Or how life works at all. Nope. Pretty sure they’re just stars. Lots of gassy gassy stars. … Continue reading

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Caterpilling to success

There are three important lessons I have taken from the childhood literary classic, Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar: ONE:  I just need to eat a lot and then have a nap and I will emerge a pretty butterfly TWO: … Continue reading

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The magical dream story of the shit witch

Once upon a time I had a dream. I’m not talking about a metaphorical dream, a la Martin Luther King’s speech. I mean an actual dream where I was asleep and dreaming of things that weirdos like myself dream of. … Continue reading

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Pie Chart

I have a wacom tablet now. That means I can draw stuff. And things. And all sorts of … stuff. Here, I made this for you:  

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I like my cat more than you. I’m not sorry about that.

I know there was that whole previous post about how my cat Jellybean is ridiculously disgusting and grosses me out. And yet? Despite his shortcomings I still like him more than most people. I probably like him more than you. … Continue reading

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Creepy, disgusting and stupid things my cat does and yet he’s the one who looks at me like I’m an undignified wretch.

Coughs up hairballs Binge eats too quickly and throws up his food Eats his own puke, fresh or dried up. Licks my feet Licks my shoes Licks his butt to clean it Licks his butt to clean it and yet … Continue reading

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The answer is always “pie”

To say my family is Hobbesian over food would be a lie. Mainly because Hobbes’ whole “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” philosophy barely touches on the gladiatorial battles we have over delicious food. And pie territory? There be dragons. … Continue reading

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Lesson learned: Familiars are overrated.

One of the best things about being a grown up is getting to do all the things that, as a child, you thought would be totally awesome to do as an adult. Pizza and popcorn for breakfast? Check. Buying underwear … Continue reading

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Important facts about my relationship with tea

My absolute favourite kind of tea is Twinings English Breakfast. Irish breakfast, Earl Grey and Lady Grey are also acceptable. Chai if you want to get fancy. Herbal if you want to eventually sleep. Orange Pekoe as a last resort. … Continue reading

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