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Single Canadian Girl Attempts American Thanksgiving

Thank you to the various ‘mericans who told me about their holiday traditions so I could attempt them. You are a fascinating people, and I wish our two nations a long and prosperous friendship. (For the record — although I … Continue reading

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Snow. Insert sad face here.

The Fort got its first “big” snowfall of the season. Which means I had to suggest to our intrepid sports reporter, Lucas “Mayor of Awkwardville” Punkari, that he run outside and make a snow angel. And he did. Photo credit … Continue reading

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Bargain books

Obviously, this book being held up by Lucas is the greatest Sally-Ann find ever in the history of Canadian political geekdom. To the cad who threw this book aside: For shame!

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And we’ll change the world

I’m truly sad that I never had the opportunity to meet Federal NDP leader Jack Layton, and now I never will. That’s saying a lot about the guy, as he was a politician. In my field, most politicians come across … Continue reading

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There will be no blueberry picking

There will be no blueberry picking this year. Yes, I know, it was on the list. Yes, I know blueberries are one of the few delicious things that grow in this barren land of the Canadian Shield. But it was … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

Check off another item on my adventure list— I went sailing yesterday! Zoey and I headed across the border early for breakfast at the Chocolate Moose (See what they did with the name there? It’s a pun! How could you … Continue reading

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Romance for the ages

Why yes, Wilfrid and I are an item.

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East coast adventuring

Incase my constant barrage of “ZOMGVACATION” didn’t register, I just spent a week plus out visiting the absolutely lovely province of Newfoundland. It was the last of the eastern provinces I had to visit, so y’know, as some might say … Continue reading

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Well there goes my vacation…

Zombie apocalypse warning in St. John’s – CBC News.

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Golden moments in Canadian tweeting history

The sad part about people who complain about twitter without knowing much about it?  They miss absolutely hilarious golden moments. Such as last Thursday when #badprovincialmottos trended across Canada. I rate it on par with when the #deadPMs took over … Continue reading

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