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Caterpilling to success

There are three important lessons I have taken from the childhood literary classic, Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar: ONE:  I just need to eat a lot and then have a nap and I will emerge a pretty butterfly TWO: … Continue reading

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Bargain books

Obviously, this book being held up by Lucas is the greatest Sally-Ann find ever in the history of Canadian political geekdom. To the cad who threw this book aside: For shame!

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What I’m reading: Essex County

Superheroes, history, hockey, heartbreak … all done with a Candian twist. I dove through all 500 some pages of Jeff Lemire’s “Essex County“ collection in one sitting, with the copy that combines all three of his graphic novels into one … Continue reading

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What I'm reading: Pilgrim

Timothy Findley‘s “Pilgrim” – Which, I must confess, I have read multiple times over the past decade. I love love love Findley (Iconic Canadian writer? Hecks yes!), but find that his books are a hit or miss for me. For … Continue reading

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What I'm reading: Shelf Monkey

Shelf Monkey by Canadian author, Corey Redekop He had me at his description of Winnipeg. Mainly because … Winnipeg.

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