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The True Story of Thanksgiving

(Guest blog post by Peter Damien) Good morning. My name is Peter Damien, and in light of recent holidays and events — such as a “video blog” which I will not elaborate on further — I have been asked to … Continue reading

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Single Canadian Girl Attempts American Thanksgiving

Thank you to the various ‘mericans who told me about their holiday traditions so I could attempt them. You are a fascinating people, and I wish our two nations a long and prosperous friendship. (For the record — although I … Continue reading

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From the archives…

Because the nicest thing you can do to your best friends is record them while playing scrabble on Christmas vacation. We lead exciting lives, yo.

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Young Woman Yells at Cloud

Dear Canadian Netflix, In true Canadian-style, I am writing you a polite passive-aggressive public letter to express my disappointment in the services you provide. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend when it comes to the movies you have made available to … Continue reading

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Small Town Survival Guide: “The dead things that haunt you.”

Small town people like dead stuff. This seems to hold true, whether it’s a coastal town, mining/logging town or farming area. Dead stuff, specifically dead animals, are a big deal. And if you’re from either suburbia or an urban area … Continue reading

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