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That’s Not Love, That’s Creepy – “You’re Sixteen” (vi)

For your consideration: Johnny Burnette’s “You’re Sixteen”   The rockabilly singer was born in 1934 and released the song in 1960. Do the math any way you like on that, but “statutory” is the final calculation. Especially endearing are the … Continue reading

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The answer is always “pie”

To say my family is Hobbesian over food would be a lie. Mainly because Hobbes’ whole “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” philosophy barely touches on the gladiatorial battles we have over delicious food. And pie territory? There be dragons. … Continue reading

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Childhood Traumatization, Part I.

My parents didn’t let me watch horror movies as a child. I don’t blame them. I once freaked out watching Sesame Street. There was a Monsterpiece Theatre segment on The Sound of Music, with Grover sitting on a mountain top. … Continue reading

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