Wherein I actually do an update of updateyness

Oh. Why hello there, dear fanbase and extremely attractive loyal readers. All … two of you. And mom.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you. See, I got busy. Pretty busy.

"This is Alberta"

It's funny what people consider "lakes" here. Fact.

Back in January I packed all that I could pack into my car and Went! West! (Young Woman) to the magical province of Alberta for a job at a daily paper there. It’s the farthest west I’ve ever been, and to a land I’ve only heard tales of from summer interns and Ontario-friends who moved there for school and ran back east afterwards.

Peggy’s top five things of note about this adventure so far:

#1. Medicine Hat. That is where I live now. Apparently the name of the place comes from a time before the white man came, and when an aboriginal man’s community wasn’t doing so swell. So he went out with his wife on an adventure. They came to the river that runs through the area-that-will-eventually-be-Medicine-Hat, and this river was pretty much all frozen. AND HE PUSHED HIS WIFE INTO THE RIVER. For this “heroic” feat, he received the “medicine hat” and became the “medicine man” and saved his village. Oh, and What. The. Eff. That is an AWFUL story. I hope his wife haunted the SHIT out of him.

#2. I find Alberta’s lack of trees disturbing. The land feels so naked. And not in a sexy way. In a “We’re all gonna blow away and die” kind of way. Dear Alberta: Trees? Kinda cool. Get on that. Also, your concept of “lakes” [translation: puddles]  also amuses me greatly.

"My extremely posh furniture"

It's like I'm sophisticated or something and don't have belching competitions with my father.

#3. I have hit that awful moment in life where I have decided to become an adult and actually purchase furniture. Like … good furniture. Not whatever I can glean from garage sales and kijiji/craigslist. I bought a couch. And chair. With custom upholstery of my choice. Feel the snazzy. Also , be jealous of the fireplace. I AM POSH.

#4. Albertans say “You betcha.” A lot. Heh. Y’all are funny people.

#5. Theoretically, you can drug cats. Especially when you have a two and a half day drive across the continent. In practice it doesn’t work so well because you can’t give the cat the drug when they’re already upset and anxious. Which mine was because hey, his whole world was being ripped apart as I packed up and moved. So no drugs for him. I did do a test run a few days beforehand, so I know the drugs would have worked! … well, at least I assume so. I mean, how do you tell the difference between a drugged-out cat and a cat that’s just laying there sleeping like cats do?

For the record, he shut up on the drive. Eventually. *twitch*

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5 Responses to Wherein I actually do an update of updateyness

  1. Sheena says:

    They also say “hey” instead of “eh”

  2. Ken Woodhouse says:

    but what’s really important is…do they have a Tim’s where all the creepy guys hang out and stare at you when you walk by? If so, you’re almost home (and I don’t mean your Dad and Mom’s home, of course)!

  3. Linda Schneider says:

    When we moved East Erica and Harlan complained because the trees were blocking the scenery! After driving from Moose Jaw to Drumheller at least once a year they were used to seeing for miles from the car. I still miss the prairies– but just have to go to the north shore and look out across the Gulf of St Lawrence to get that feeling of openess!

  4. Aksunai says:

    #1. Holy Christ on a cracker.
    #2. Alberta’s landscape is still more interesting than Saskatchewan’s.
    #3. Yeah sure, that’s ONE corner of the apartment. I bet the rest is filled with Pokemons and My Little Ponies.
    #4. Innnteresting.
    #5. I don’t see why a cat couldn’t be drugged. But you make a good point about not being able to tell the difference between a drugged and sober cat! You betcha!

  5. Crys says:

    I would like to take a nap on the floor in front of that window. You know, when the sun is shining in. Someday, I will visit… and nap on the floor when you least expect it.

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