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Our Moustaches brings all the boys to the yard: Pondering the meaning of life in a way only those who have moustaches can: Advertisements

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Oh Christmas tree

I just mass produced 30 something of these. Don’t I look bee-yooooo-tee-ful? It’s for the local Santa Claus Parade which is this Saturday. The Sparks/Brownies will be wearing these (After slopping on the glitter paint tonight) alongside green garbage bags … Continue reading

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Lesson learned: Familiars are overrated.

One of the best things about being a grown up is getting to do all the things that, as a child, you thought would be totally awesome to do as an adult. Pizza and popcorn for breakfast? Check. Buying underwear … Continue reading

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I love plain pasta and plain peas.

I blame my parents for not being able to enjoy a ridiculous amount of the delicious food that exists in this world. See, once upon a time my father was diagnosed with high blood pressure and all that stuff. Which … Continue reading

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Snow. Insert sad face here.

The Fort got its first “big” snowfall of the season. Which means I had to suggest to our intrepid sports reporter, Lucas “Mayor of Awkwardville” Punkari, that he run outside and make a snow angel. And he did. Photo credit … Continue reading

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Important facts about my relationship with tea

My absolute favourite kind of tea is Twinings English Breakfast. Irish breakfast, Earl Grey and Lady Grey are also acceptable. Chai if you want to get fancy. Herbal if you want to eventually sleep. Orange Pekoe as a last resort. … Continue reading

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