The Hero of Canton

Peggy and Tanya, dressed up for Hallowe'en as Jayne from Firefly and an owlIt’s pretty obvious that Tanya and I are the coolest kids in our office since we’re the only ones wearing Hallowe’en costumes. Everyone else? You disappoint me greatly.

Unfortunately there are downsides to going with a geeky costume like Jayne from Firefly. Namely, no one knows who Jayne from Firefly is.

“So… what are you?”

“I’m Jayne, from Firefly!”

… blank stares.

“Are you a candy corn?”

And then a part of me is sad.

And then I become even sadder when I realize my nerf rifle—the Vera to my Jayne—is back in Southern Ontario at my parent’s house. Why does an almost-28-year-old need a nerf rifle? If you have to ask, you don’t deserve to know.

Hey, it was either Jayne or I make a beard out of red felt and go as our IT guy.

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