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The Hero of Canton

It’s pretty obvious that Tanya and I are the coolest kids in our office since we’re the only ones wearing Hallowe’en costumes. Everyone else? You disappoint me greatly. Unfortunately there are downsides to going with a geeky costume like Jayne … Continue reading

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Diagrams for journalists: “Karma”

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Currently Listening To:

What has been stuck to my brain lately… Biffy Clyro – Many of Horror (When We Collide) Richard Buckner – Escape Amelia Curran – All Hands on a Grain of Sand

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Bargain books

Obviously, this book being held up by Lucas is the greatest Sally-Ann find ever in the history of Canadian political geekdom. To the cad who threw this book aside: For shame!

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Small Town Survival Guide: “Expectations”

Expectations are different in small towns. In small town northwestern Ontario? Flannel is completely appropriate for all occasions. Weddings included. Funerals too – but the good flannel. Expectations, people. These different expectations carry over into the intersection of community newspapers … Continue reading

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That’s Not Love, That’s Creepy – “Help Me Rhonda” (iii)

Anyone who complains about the insipid nature of music today needs to take a good look back at the Beach Boys. Because… wow. Creepy. For those who don’t know “Help Me Rhonda,” basically it’s a song about a guy going … Continue reading

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Never again

Due to a horrific migraine I passed out last night at around 9 p.m. I did so while facing the wrong way in bed. It confused my cat. He attempted to jump on my head, only to find my feet. … Continue reading

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Care package

No care packages were harmed in the making of this video.

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Oh dear.

This is what happens when people like Kate tell me I have to start vlogging. I come up with random tales that share way too much information. See what I mean? No one should be watching this.

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Basic Shopping Mall Walking Guide (Complete with diagrams)

This is a guide on how to walk through a shopping mall. BECAUSE APPARENTLY SOME PEOPLE NEED IT. I know, eh? The final straw came after my visit to the Mall of America last weekend, where I was once again … Continue reading

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