Roller Derby weekend

Only silly people pass up the opportunity to see grown women smashing into each other  and causing bodily harm while zooming around on roller skates.

Zoey, aka "Bad Press" skating around in circles. Like derby girls do.

Zooming Zoey

Which is why we headed out to the local Roller Derby bout this past weekend.

Our area’s team has only been around for less than two years and has a ton of not-so-seasoned-players. They also don’t have a decent practice area for a good chunk of the winter months.

So I’m happy to report that there was improvement, and they weren’t as painfully clobbered like in past bouts. Yay!

Oh, and of course our lovely summer intern, Zoey (a.k.a. “Bad Press”) laced up for the bout. Swift like a ninja. Serene like a swan.

She also got taken out with a knee injury midway through the second half after being smashed down. Then the referee gave her a penalty for blocking the track because she was dying from a horrible horrible knee injury death. Or something.

Don’t worry, we made sure she had her own personal cheering section. We made signs and sat in the suicide seating section instead of the bleachers. Aren’t they pretty? Aren’t we pretty?

Yeah, we're awesome.

Photos courtesy of local sports reporter, Mr. L. Punkari, who managed not to get run over by any derby girls while covering the event. Nor did he enrage the derby girls so much that they ran him out of town. Like our last sports reporter. Oh that is a fun story.

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