Journalists, ghostbusters … all in a day’s work

Gossip around town has been saying that one of the photos we ran in the newspaper shows a little ghost-child peering out of the upstairs window of the almost-hundred-year-old local school that was demolished a couple of weeks ago.

Picture of an old brick school being torn down, with a dark blob in one of the upstairs windows that kind of appears to be a head looking out.

I ain't afraid of no ghost

Sorry ghost hunters and lovers of spooky tales.

Thanks to the awesome power of digital photography, we went back to the original picture and zoomed in.

Close up of supposed ghost in window, which really shows a forgotten school fixture

Spooky, innit?

Well, I guess it could be the ghost of a child with an oddly shaped head, a ginormous white nose, and who resembles the gingerbread man? Or, y’know, a school bell.

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2 Responses to Journalists, ghostbusters … all in a day’s work

  1. I was hoping to see the zoomed in part of the picture. Anyway you can add that so the bell (or whatever) can be clearly seen?

  2. Jackie Brandli says:

    Sorry to disappoint those who want to believe it’s a ghost…. it’s actually a toilet paper dispenser.

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