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Thoughts on hypothetical unicorn pet ownership

Pros: ♥ Pony rides. All the time. ♥ I bet they grant wishes. ♥ Kids aged 0-12 would think I’m awesome. ♥ Those over 12 would also think I’m awesome. Oh, they wouldn’t admit it, but I’d know. ♥ The … Continue reading

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Small town journalism 101: $#*! happens

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Fall coat love

1. Fashion to Figure: Herringbone poncho coat with floral trim 2. Yours Clothing: Military Jacket 3. Dorothy Perkins: Stone taped dolly coat 4. ASOS: 70s fit and flare coat

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Friends 4 Eva!

For the record, I do a way better job at fake-tattooing than Leanne does.

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That’s not love, that’s creepy – Ides of March’s “Vehicle” (ii)

Our local oldies station plays Ides of March’s “Vehicle” every morning it seems. I never really bothered listening to the lyrics until my alarm went off this morning and the song came on. I promptly curled up into a tight … Continue reading

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Small Town Survival Guide: “Close Encounters of the Strange Kind”

The scenario: You’re walking down the sidewalk. A person walks towards you. As you pass by, they make eye contact. They smile. They nod. They say “Hello.” They may or may not throw in a remark like: “Lovely day, isn’t … Continue reading

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Journalists, ghostbusters … all in a day’s work

Gossip around town has been saying that one of the photos we ran in the newspaper shows a little ghost-child peering out of the upstairs window of the almost-hundred-year-old local school that was demolished a couple of weeks ago. Sorry … Continue reading

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Roller Derby weekend

Only silly people pass up the opportunity to see grown women smashing into each other  and causing bodily harm while zooming around on roller skates. Which is why we headed out to the local Roller Derby bout this past weekend. … Continue reading

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Kittens and hedgehogs and weirdos, oh my!

I’m learning the updated version of imovie like a pro! Fun fact: The video shows only a small fraction of the cat and hedgehog themed items I have. And Aunt Dorris? I would like to clarify that it was mainly … Continue reading

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