Ship of Fools

I'm on a boat!

Check off another item on my adventure list— I went

sailing yesterday!

Zoey and I headed across the border early for breakfast at the Chocolate Moose (See what they did with the name there? It’s a pun! How could you not love that?) and then onto Ranier where the lake’s yachting club was hosting a community sail.

We hopped on board with Paul (aka “Guider Dad” because he is the most enthusiastic Girl Guide parent ever) and Eric (aka I do not have a nickname for him because I did not know him until that point). We learned about jibbing and tacking and not getting hit in the head by the boom.

My inability to go in a straight line while steering with the rudder was ruthlessly mocked.

Rainy Lake. Translated, it means "Take a nap on my softly rocking waves."

A view of Canada from the American side of the border.

This seagull was giving me the evil eye.

And if it weren’t for the lady on the docks telling us to get back so more people could go out, we would have stayed out there forever. And by forever I mean … a bit longer.

It’s okay though. We filled the void left in our hearts with deep fried cheese curds. Because … America!

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2 Responses to Ship of Fools

  1. Crys says:

    Deep fried cheese curds? Not so much with the sounding appetizing. Just sayin’.

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