Term of the day: Qwitty

qwitty - quick and wittyAdjective. A combination of “quick” and “witty.”

Used in a sentence: “If I were qwitty, I would have said something clever in response to that person during that conversation … instead of five minutes after I walked away.”

The need for this adjective was demonstrated during the lunch date I had today with Leanne today where we grabbed food at Tim Hortons before heading back to the office.

Random guy standing outside the T-Hos: “Awww! You didn’t get me a refill!”
Leanne:….. pause ….. (awkward laughter) “No I didn’t.”

We get into the car and start driving away

Leanne:“AGH! I should’ve asked him why he wasn’t paying for MY coffee!”

Extreme lack of qwittyness means waking up in the middle of the night with the Best. Comeback. Ever.

Which will never be used because you aren’t qwitty.

Also, when this word gets picked up and used by everyone and your mother, you can thank me. Because I made playing scrabble and being stuck with a “q” and no “u” easier. You’re welcome.

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One Response to Term of the day: Qwitty

  1. Duane Hicks says:

    Good word. Unfortunately, I suffer from a lack of qwittiness, and instead embody l’esprit d’escalier, usually translated as “staircase wit”, which according to Wikipedia, is the act of thinking of a response, argument or clever comeback when it is too late to deliver it. The French have a term for everything…

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