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Currently listening to: Raphael Saadiq

I heard there was a little something called the “MTV VMAs” on the tv a few nights ago? Kids these days with their neat-o acronyms and hip stuff! I also heard that the show was pretty “meh.” Here, wonderful people … Continue reading

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Words that bother me: “Several”

Sev·er·al [sev-er-uhl, sev-ruhl] adjective: “being more than two but fewer than many in number or kind: several ways of doing it.” My reason?  “Several” is too vague of a word. It’s also way too similar to numerical “seven,” which means … Continue reading

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Just sayin’…

Wherein my brother and I communicate through facebook.

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Small town survival guide: Nostalgia

If you move to a small town, sooner or later you will hear this phrase: “We could go to this event, but … (sad pause with a sigh) … it’s just not the same as it used to be. You … Continue reading

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Be afraid!

This is what happens when I start fiddling around on my shiny awesome new macbook.

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And we’ll change the world

I’m truly sad that I never had the opportunity to meet Federal NDP leader Jack Layton, and now I never will. That’s saying a lot about the guy, as he was a politician. In my field, most politicians come across … Continue reading

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There will be no blueberry picking

There will be no blueberry picking this year. Yes, I know, it was on the list. Yes, I know blueberries are one of the few delicious things that grow in this barren land of the Canadian Shield. But it was … Continue reading

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O Zoey, Where Art Thou?

After noticing that our intern never arrived this morning, we leapt into action to fill the empty void of a seat. I present to you Zoey 2.0 As you can see, we paid a great attention to detail in creating … Continue reading

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Ship of Fools

Check off another item on my adventure list— I went sailing yesterday! Zoey and I headed across the border early for breakfast at the Chocolate Moose (See what they did with the name there? It’s a pun! How could you … Continue reading

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Update of awesomeness

My “Small Town Survival Guide” is being picked up  to run over at the Girl Guides of Canada blog. Insert appropriate happy animated gif here. That is all.

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