10 inches, 15+ years gone.

In a moment of spontaneity I chopped my hair off yesterday. 10 inches gone, plus bangs. I haven’t had short hair since Grade 9 when it was cut to my chin.

Post-shower, unstyled, currently relearning the art of bang-management

Having long curly hair, I’ve always been paranoid about hair dressers. There are horror stories. Horror stories where I have had to take out a pair of my own scissors to fix blatant mistakes. There are ways you don’t cut curly hair, and I have fallen victim to all of them. Which is why for the past 4+ years of my life I have simply been trimming my own hair.

But it was time for a change that even my own scissors couldn’t do.  So on a whim I sucked it up, made an appointment, and the chopping began.

The look was inspired by Christina Hendricks. When I tell people this, most of them go blank in the face, and then I go “Really? I’m the one without television, and even I know who Christina Hendricks is.” Or—in talking with various males, this has been the conversation:

Me: She’s plays Joan. One of the best characters on  Mad Men.
Them: …..
Me: She’s the red headed office manager.
Them: …..
Me: *sigh* She’s the one with the huge rack.
Them: Oh! Her!

And then a little part of me dies knowing that an uber-talented female actor is known more for her body parts than her absolutely brilliant acting skills.

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5 Responses to 10 inches, 15+ years gone.

  1. As I said before – looks very nice

  2. Really? You used Joan from Mad Men instead of Mrs. Malcolm Reynolds? Shame on you, Peggy. *Shame on you.*

    P.S. Your hair looks nice 🙂

    • Pegs says:

      Actually, if I were conversing with a known-geek, I would happily adapt the conversation towards Firefly. But having moved away from Waterloo, I’ve had to experience a world where my surrounding peers aren’t at my level of geekitude. So Mad Men is the best bet to avoid confused stares.

      And thanks 😀

      • You’re getting soft, Peggy. This is how it should have gone down:

        Peggy: She plays Mrs. Malcolm Reynolds.
        Friend: Who?
        Peggy: You know. From Firefly.
        Friend: What’s Firefly?
        Peggy: …
        Friend: Is that like a movie or something?

      • Apparently it didn’t like my angle brackets. The last line was supposed to be as follows:

        Peggy looks at “Friend” with look of disgust, dons her brown coat and then walks — nay, *saunters* — off humming the Firefly theme to herself, never looking back.

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