The 2011 Adventure List

There is an xkcd comic for every situation in life

This is not a bucket list. Mainly because “bucket list” implies a future where I am dead (or possibly undead). Yeah, I’m not a big fan of that.

Instead, this is my long list of things that I wish to accomplish by the end of this year.

  • Visit Newfoundland, including seeing Gros Morne NP, L’Anse aux Meadows, Bona Vista, Trinity & St. Johns sites.
  • Go sailing. Possibly learn something about sailing.
  • Golf: One thing I’ve never ever done, so now is the chance. I mean, I’m fairly okay at Wii golf, so how much harder could it be? … right? Why are you shaking your head at me?
  • Plug a Watermelon (The intern’s idea. No good can come from it, but we must try)
  • Visit Manitoba. Why? Because while I have hit up all the eastern provinces, Kenora is the farthest west in Canada I have ever been. That needs to be remedied!
  • Visit the Minnesota Zoo, and the U of M galleries/museums I haven’t seen yet.
  • Play “Peace Train” half decently on the guitar. Or really, anything substantial on the guitar. I start to play for about a month or so, and then just … forget. Then a year later I remember “Oh! Guitar!” It’s a vicious cycle.
  • Try one dozen new types of beer. I’m on a roll with this – Kings Brewery & Harper!
  • Read all the Harry Potter Books, as I’ve only reached book five, when it was the latest book out.
  • Hike at least five trails in this region
  • Go blueberry picking. Admittedly something I’ve already done – but it’s fun! Well, unless you meet a bear. Or get stung in the lip like my dad did last summer. But he pulled through because he’s a trooper.
  • Have my editor say a better compliment than “good effort” when it comes to anything we write. A story could be the most brilliant piece of award winning journalism you’ve ever seen. His compliment would still be a gruff “good effort.”  Hence this challenge.

The list is definitely open to additions, and I’m sure I will come up with a few more things. If I’m smart enough, I’ll also try adding photos to go along with said adventures!

Anyone else have some goals to achieve by the end of the year?

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One Response to The 2011 Adventure List

  1. lpunkari says:

    When I started this year I had three goals:

    1) Get a job in the field
    2) Visit Polkaroo
    3) Go to a MLB game

    (Well, two out of three ain’t bad)

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