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In which my friend Cece & I are far too easily amused by a pun. Friend’s name has been changed from her original one to ensure crush-anonymity remains. Cece: Of course, there is the downside of me having a massive … Continue reading

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No. Just. No.

Important lesson on being a decent human being: Don’t be like those men at the Tim Hortons.

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I want you to want me

(Warning for those with tender ears: there is swearage in this post) Fact: I’m pretty much the biggest chicken shit when it comes to twitter. Don’t let my false bravado fool you. I’m a professional writer. My ego is a … Continue reading

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Come sail your ships around me…

For one tiny moment in a sea of war, famine, environmental disaster and hate — this right here makes me proud to be a part of the human race and reaffirms our potential for greatness.

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Words of wisdom

When life hands you a knee sliced open by a wooden pallet at work, the only solution is a My Little Pony band-aid. Obviously. Also, nothing says “classy lady” like a huge fading bruise on the shin.

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Small Town Survival Guide: “Small town time”

Congratulations, you’re in a small town! That watch wrapped around your wrist? That circle on the wall with the hands? Useless. You’re now running on small town time. Small town time is a game. It is a game you will … Continue reading

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Sometimes it might motivate the sports reporter to finally remember proper formatting and style for laying out a page… Who am I kidding? It won’t. No sports reporters were harmed in the making of this photo. That much.

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10 inches, 15+ years gone.

In a moment of spontaneity I chopped my hair off yesterday. 10 inches gone, plus bangs. I haven’t had short hair since Grade 9 when it was cut to my chin. Having long curly hair, I’ve always been paranoid about … Continue reading

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Small Town Survival Guide: Introduction, and Tip #1

I am a small town veteran. I survived 18 years growing up in an itty-bitty township in Southern Ontario. It was “quaint”—or some word similar to “quaint,” used in the brochures meant to lure in tourists and their beloved tourist … Continue reading

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The 2011 Adventure List

This is not a bucket list. Mainly because “bucket list” implies a future where I am dead (or possibly undead). Yeah, I’m not a big fan of that. Instead, this is my long list of things that I wish to … Continue reading

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