Movies Seen: Super 8

“After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange happenings going around in their small town, and begin to investigate into the creepy phenomenon.”

I hesitate to say much on Super 8, because to do so would ruin a lot of the plot and surprises. But just some random thoughts:

  • Definitely a movie for adults with nostalgia for kids movies— (ie. The Goonies). Not necessarily “kid-friendly” by today’s standards (Oh no! Kids swearing! Like they do!)
  • I enjoyed all the things that were left out or weren’t said at all. For example, it’s pretty easy to throw in a scene to show that the group of kids are “losers” (Which lets face it, these kids were—they were making zombie movies.) Follow this with a scene where the bullies get their comeuppance. Oh it’s a nice cathartic moment for all us “losers” when we see it, but it’s an overplayed trope that didn’t need to happen—and it didn’t happen. Ditto with the father finding “love” again, and so on. I’m not saying the movie didn’t have it’s own non-surprising predictable moments, but it avoided a lot of the really annoying ones.
  • So many winks and nods to all things from that time period, and other movies. If you don’t get them, it doesn’t matter, but it’s fun when something registers.
  • The age of the kids. Any bit older, and we’d have to deal with a “teen” movie. Any younger, and the whole plot would just be ridiculous. The kids were definitely one of the best parts about the film.
  • Blegh. Despite Fanning’s awesome, it’s a complete Bechdel Test fail. Also a white-out cast pretty much, barring the science teacher and military personnel. Although … [Spoiler] one standout moment comes from a black soldier, who is told by his white army superior (aka the bad army guy) to open the bus door when the alien is outside, and the soldier’s face was all “Areyoueffincrazy? We’regonnadie. YOURFAULT.” [End spoiler]
  • The End? [spoiler]: Okay, let me get this straight. An alien who has been held in captivity for a decade plus, who has been tortured, mutilated, etc. all of a sudden gets over it all just because a little boy whose mother died in an industrial accident told him too? Riiiiiight. [End Spoiler]
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