What I’m Watching: “Hey Arnold!”

Picture of various characters from "Hey Arnold!"Reasons why I like “Hey Arnold!”

  1. Arnold is actually a likable main character. He’s kind, thoughtful, intelligent and brave – but at the same time humble, without the false bravado. Most of his adventures aren’t “struggling” to choose to do the right thing, because he does the right thing.
  2. Funny looking kids of all shapes and sizes.
  3. Helga!
  4. The city setting and how the kids enjoy and explore it with some fun imagination, and without paranoid parental supervision.
  5. Despite having stories about morality, etc. unlike many children’s cartoons, it doesn’t speak down and doesn’t feel like a lecture.
  6. Smart “adult” references, to literature and other such things vs. attempting to entertain adult watchers with hidden and obscure “dirtier” references. (ie. False Alarm’s reference to 12 Angry Men.)
  7. Did I mention Helga?
  8. Arnold’s grandparents. I pretty  much want them. No offense, to all the currently non-alive grandparents of mine.
  9. And a pet pig.
  10. Did I mention Helga?
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One Response to What I’m Watching: “Hey Arnold!”

  1. Crys says:

    The episode in which Helga thought she was turning into a monkey? Pure cartoon gold.

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