This is not journalism

“We can make friendship anklets. And propose friendship … to friends.”
—Zoey D. Intern-extraordinaire.

Rainbow colours for friendship. Oh hey look! Yellow fingernail stains of shame for wearing too much nail polish!

Once upon a time—and just to clarify, I mean on Tuesday—I made the historic choice to clean up my desk at work.

In doing so, I found a box of embroidery thread, which one of the crafty ladies at the front of the office (Hi Pam!) had passed along to me months ago, possibly to be used by the Girl Guides if needed.

And upon this rediscovery of crafty-supply goodness, the reporters decided that instead of doing layout, our time would be much more productively spent if we made friendship bracelets.

This also followed our conversation on naming Winnipeg’s new NHL team the “Winnipeggys,” after me (of course). There had also been discussion that instead of talking about “the news” at our weekly story meeting, we instead talk about “our feelings.”

My editor did not want a friendship bracelet, even after I offered to make it in so-called “manly man” colours. Go figure.

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