This weekend saw the wrap up of Sparks & Brownies for the season with our one night camp/sleepover. Camp is a bit of a misnomer as we slept inside—although this year we offered the option of tenting for the girls who wanted to try that out.

camp cake

One of the dads made this cake for our camp. How awesome is that??

Only three first year Brownies returned their forms in time to take us up on that offer so I could pack the right number of tents. There was that awkward moment when some kids showed up thinking they were going to sleep outside, but their parents hadn’t given us the heads up like the were supposed to.

The promise that they could build an indoor fort to sleep in made it better. That’s the nice thing about kids at this age – shorter attention spans make tantrums disappear quickly.

And hopefully next year more of the parental units will remember to bring the forms in earlier—which means we can get the kids used to tenting sooner.

One big surprise for the weekend was our hike, where we walked (in the rain of course) over to the home of one of my co-workers who has horses. We didn’t tell the girls where we were heading, so there was an epic collective gasp of excitement from the 5-8 year old crowd when they arrived and were finally told the news.

Me devouring spark/brownie-camp-leftover 1% milk filled with nesquik chocolate. In my awesome Vancouver Olympics mug.

I had been hoping to set off bottle rockets with the girls, but in preparation, couldn’t get the corks to seal perfectly – so instead they made tinfoil boats and tested to see how many pennies their boats would hold. One girl’s boat hit over 100 pennies.

The best part about this year’s camp was that it ran smoother than the previous two years. Call it a learning curve.

The most strenuous thing about planning for this age group is the amount of prep-work that has to go into almost everything since their fine motor skills aren’t too snazzy—PLUS proper planning so that every adult who comes out to help knows exactly what is in store so they can be on the ball with child-herding.

I also had to fly-up three of my Sparks. I love my little pumpkin-heads, and am going to miss them.

And now, despite offering various people the extra food, my fridge is brimming with leftovers. Omnomnomnom.

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