Golden moments in Canadian tweeting history

The sad part about people who complain about twitter without knowing much about it?  They miss absolutely hilarious golden moments.

Such as last Thursday when #badprovincialmottos trended across Canada. I rate it on par with when the #deadPMs took over twitter during the elections.

I couldn’t resist, so here were my own #badprovincialmottos:

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Did you have a favourite #badprovincialmottos tweet during the outburst?

Unfortunately, as the trend grew so did the number of people participating who … well… they just weren’t funny. Absolutely nothing clever, just overdone provincial stereotype (usually peppered with bad grammar). And some were quite mean and made me go sadface.

Don’t get me wrong – I fully admit I didnt’ hit them all out of the ball park. But at least everything I said was with love at my country’s foibles (and PEI’s park bench buses), not “Must!Hate!This!Province!”

There was also a random New Zealander who decided that at some point Canada took over Wisconsin. Fellow Canadians, when did this happen and where is my cheese?

Also, to all who RT’d me? Don’t encourage me. You should know better.

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