What I'm Watching: Hyperdrive

UK tv. I worship it.

I tried, I really tried. I reached the eighth season of Red Dwarf but had to give up as it was just too much downhill too fast. The decline in the show was manageable back in the day when I watched it bit by bit over a long while, but on a Netflix blitz? Too much.

So when “Hyperdrive” came up on my netflix list of possibilities. I was torn … afterall, another British sci-fi comedy?

Oh I resisted, but it was too lovely. It was like taking the actors from bits and pieces of other favourite movies (re: Simon Pegg movies) and putting them into one show. It was a comedic version of Star Trek I could handle. (Don’t get me wrong – I do enjoy Star Trek from time to time, but my geekdom does not particularly lean that way.)

And unlike Red Dwarf, there were only two seasons meaning there is never any shark jumping.

Plot summary? It’s basically a bunch of “losers” attempting to be professional ambassadors for the Brits throughout the galaxy. Antics ensue. Meteorites are blown up. Reality TV is starred in. Ridiculous alien costumes are worn. Laughter is had by all, and by all I mean me.

What? Were you expecting a full review? Don’t be silly.

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