Welcome to my parlour…

I suppose I should open this blog up with something enlightening or inspiring for a first post. A mission statement or quotation from a famous-person. Or something.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing.

Since first diving into the world wide web 10 plus years ago (FSM, I feel old now), I’ve become a ridiculous serial blog creator and abandoner. I started on blogger, jumped to LJ, returned to blogger. I’ve even had a recent flirtation with tumblr, but that romance died when the system kept going down from high usage.

I start up a blog for some purpose, then run out of things to say, or realize someone else is saying it better. Or due to the focused topic of the blog, feel limited and off topic when I actually do feel like posting something.

So PEGomancy is (I guess you could say) a last stand of sorts. A catch-all for everything (see sidebar to the right for reference of this everything.)  I’m not going to promise anything spectacular, deep or world-changing, but … well… here I am.


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